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Traveling with Cocokitetravel

If you are looking for a well organized kitecamp, with high quality accommodation, good healthy food and service, beautiful destinations with perfect conditions for all levels. A kite camp where you can meet like minded travelers, make new friends, be yourself and feel at home then you are at the right place with Cocokitetravel.

Beautiful Destinations

We will take you to the most breathtaking & wind reliable kite spots in the world! Discover exotic countries & cultures, where you can enjoy the sun, wind & endless kite sessions.

High end accommodation

At all our destinations we have selected the best places to stay, where you can relax & enjoy the delicious local cuisine made by our private chefs.

Good and heathy food

Being active means you need to take care of your body and that why we focus on getting the right nutrition during our adventures. We take care that all the right variety of food is available. If you have special diet, just let us know and we will take care that there is the right and enough variety food for you.

Perfect group mix

Our camps have a balanced groups mix of male & female travellers, which makes our kite camps perfect for single travellers as well as for couples & friends. We give you the change to meet like minded people and you are bound to make new friends. That’s why more then 90% of our customers join us again.

Value for Money

Our kite camps are well organized and offer top quality housing, good healthy food & great service for a very fair price you will not find elsewhere.

Learning kitesurfing during a kite holiday at one of our selected kitesurf destinations has big advantages:

  • The wind is constant and the water is warm, so you do not need to worry about falling into it.
  • There is always a flatwater spot or lagoon where you can learn the basics of kitesurfing easier then at a spot with waves.
  • At the destinations we have selected, the wind is the most reliable in the period we travel to them, therefore you can kitesurf almost every day. With almost every day learning and practicing you will progress faster then at home, where the wind is less contant and reliable.
  • Our enthusiastic and certified instructors offer you the best possible help to achieve your first successes on your kiteboard. They will make sure that you will progress as much as you can and go home with a big smile.

This makes the perfect mix for leaning kitesurfing the fastest way.

Absolutely! Most of our participants join our kite camps on their own. They have the same reason for joining our kite trips as you; going on a kite holiday with like-minded people, meeting other kite surfers, having a good time and making new friends.

We will find you a good roommate or you can book a single room if you prefer that.

Our kite camps always have a balanced groups mix;

  • of male and female participants, which makes our camps perfect for solo travellers as well as for couples and friends
  • of beginners, intermediate and advanced kiters, which makes it accessible for all levels

You can totally relax and be yourself at our kitecamps, from day one you will feel right at home. Our focus is on bringing like-minded people together and let them have an amazing kite holiday experience. 

During our kite camps you are bound to make new friends, some for life.

You are on your holiday; so no you do not need to participate in all group activities. We would like you to feel at home

Every kite camp and trip is different we will plan and organize all activities on the wishes of the group and your personal ones as well.

Whether you want to push the bounderies everyday or just relax & enjoy the beautiful surroundings, you choose the pace.


Booking a trip with Cocokitetravel is easy. Just fill in the booking form by clicking the ‘book now’ button that you find on the pages of our kite camps and select the period for which you want to reserve a spot. You can also book by phone or email (info@cocokitetravel.com). After booking we will contact you as soon as possible. Your trip is confirmed once you have made the down payment or the conformation email is send to you.

Everything that is included is listed on the kite camp page underneath the tab package.

Although it varies per trip, almost all of them include airport transfers, twin/double accommodation, breakfast, diner and travel guidance.

Like all tour operators, is Cocokitetravel not liable for a cancellation of a trip made by customers. Of course we will try to find a solution together. We always allow someone else taking over your reservation. Also don’t forget to contact your cancellation insurance, if there is a valid cancelation reason, they will be the one covering your expenses. So always make sure that you have a cancellation insurance.


We organize and arrange as much as possible for you, but there are a few things you need to arrange yourself, like;

  • Your flight, we are happy to help you find the best possible option for you, in most cases we ask you to book the flight yourself.
  • A travel insurance that covers extreme sports like kite boarding is obligated for all our participants and a cancellation insurance is highly recommend as well.
  • A valid paspoort. For all our destinations your paspoort needs to be valid for at least 6 more months at the moment flying back home. So make sure you check this!
  • Your visa if needed
  • Vaccinations if needed


Every kitesurf destination has his own wind conditions and range, these are listed in the summery of every kitecamp. Depending on your weight you can then make out what sizes to bring. It’s always best to take as many kites that fit your kitebag and the maximum kilo’s you can bring. Also check the wind predictions before you go. If you still need advice do not hesitate to contact us via info@cocokitetravel.com