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Kite & surf camp Scheveningen

From 7 till 9 & 14 till 16 August 2020 we organize a kite & surf camp in the nicest & most popular seaside resort in the Netherlands; Scheveningen! During this long weekend get acquainted with the active beach life in Scheveningen.

Do you want to make more progress, learn to kite independently, self recue and learn the safety rules on the beach and water, learn new tricks or just a fun weekend with fun activities and self-tuned kiters and surfers? Then come to Scheveningen this summer.

When the wind blows, we go kiting and we’ll be on the water as much as possible.

Are you a total beginner? No problem! One of our instructors will be happy to teach you all the basics of kite surfing and make your first meters on the water. As a beginner you will learn everything about rigging your equipment, the wind, the water and the currents and once you have the kite under control it is time to get on the water!

We have a great program for every level

Beginner kiters: learn all the basics of kite surfing and make your first meters on your kiteboard.

Intermediate: Independent learning to sail, up wind & toe side sailing, self-rescue & safty clinic, small jumps and tricks

Advanced kiters: Freestyle & trick clinics, Downwinders, wave clinic

If there is no wind but there are waves then we go surfing!

Surfing is the ultimate connection to nature, you, your board and the water are all about it! Never surfed before, but always wanted to do it? Under the guidance of our certified instructors you will learn the first steps of wave surfing. Are you Experienced? Put the dots on the i and learn to surf “down the line”. The boards we use are soft-tops. Soft tops are ideal for beginner surfers, because they have a lot of buoyancy and are soft, so you never fall hard. In addition, you certainly do not have to worry about the cold; we provide wetsuits so you can fully focus on controlling the waves with the wind in your hair.

If there is no wind and there are no waves, we will Stand Up Paddle!

On a sub board you develop a sense of balance. We teach you the basics.

Once you have found your balance, we will make a unique sub tour through the canals from Scheveningen to the city center of The Hague. For example, we are busy on the water and we train unnoticed the muscles you need when kiting.

Next to all activities in & on the water, there will be plenty other things to do:  

  • Skate Long Boarding
  • Beach volleyball
  • Beach tennis
  • Bubble voetbal
  • Yoga
  • Surf Bootcamp
  • Waterman training
  • Carven with Longboard
  • Material course
  • Skim boarden

What is included?

  • Wet suites, use sub and wave surf boards
  • For first-time beginners first day kite lessons 2,5 hours
  • For the intermediate and advanced kiters coaching, clinics & downwinders
  • SUB &  wave surf clinic
  • All beach activities
  • 2 x breakfast 2 x lunch 1 BBQ

Dates long weekend (Fri + Sat + Sun):

  • 7 t/m 9 august €295,-
  • 14 t/m 16 august €295,-


  • Extra day beginner kite lessons 2,5 hours €60,-
  • Introduction course foilen 2 uur €75,-
  • Stay at Bnb in Scheveningen from €35,- per night

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