The advantages of kitesurfing @ Diani Beach
Kitesurfing Kenya Diani / Galu Beach

Diani beach is the ideal spot to soak up the sun, do plenty of swimming and watersports, and is notorious for its kitesurfing spot. Diani Beach is the gem of the Kenyan coast, with wide unspoilt, uncrowded beaches. It is not far from Tsavo East National Park and has a direct flight to Masai Mara where you are bound to have the safari of a lifetime.

The advantages of kiting and kiteboarding at Diani Beach are endless; 

  • Consistent side shore winds most of the year.
  • Wind probability January – February 90% – 100%
  • Very warm water all year round.
  • Tons of beach space all year round.
  • Choice of flat water or waves all year round.
  • Waist deep sandy lagoon tide depending.
  • Powder soft white sandy beach.
  • Turquoise clear water.
  • No congestion and you have almost the whole beach to yourselves.
  • Very few obstructions.
  • No sharks or lethal ocean creatures.
  • No pollution.
  • Setting up, landing and launching facilities
  • Storage facilities.
  • Very convenient accommodation on the kitespot


There are 2 wind seasons in Kenya which are perfect for kitesurfing lessons and kite surfing progression.

The wind blows the same all along the entire coast of East Africa so there is no risk of not having wind in any one location. The wind in Kenya are trade winds meaning they are constant and reliable year to year and the wind depends on the raining seasons and dry seasons and vary year to year, but this approximate pattern applies: KUSI – June 20th to Sept 20th and KASKAZI – Dec 20th to April 20th

With guaranteed warm tropical temperatures the Indian Ocean allows you to kitesurf in board shorts all year round. For Beginners and Intermediate riders there is a big shallow area at low tide. Advanced riders can discover a freeriding paradise – Waves and Kickers on the reef at high tide, flat water and empty lagoons at low tide. In two different seasons the wind either comes side shore from the north or the south. Most reliable and consistent the wind is from December – early March >80% windy days. So January and the beginning of Febuary is the perfect period to travel to Diani Beach.


Diani Beach is a very convenient kite surf spot and safe and easy for 10-15km downwinders, with the 3 kite centre bases and kite schools spread out at 5km apart you can have lunch at one base and then kite home.


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