🇧🇷 Downwind kite camp BRAZIL TRANQUIL 2023
🌴 Where: Cumbuco, Jericoacoara, Prea, Guriú & Tatajuba
✈️ When: November 3rd – November 11th 2023
💪🏻 Kite level: Intermediate – advanced
💨 Wind conditions: >90% 20-35 knots
🌊 Kite conditions: flat water & wave surf
👨‍🎓 Coaching available at request
🏄‍♂️ Kitesurf guide in the water at all moments
🏠 Accommodation: top class pousadas in Cumbuco (3 nights)  & Jericoacoara (5 nights)
👫 Group size & mix: max 12 male & female kiters
💰 Pricing 9 days downwind kite camp Brazil: €895,-
🔎 For more info and bookings contact us via info@cocokitetravel.com

Downwind Brazil: Cumbuco, Jericoacoara, Prea, Guriú & Tatajuba

Join our downwind kite camp in Brazil and take your kite skills to the next level while exploring the stunning beaches and kite spots near Cumbuco and Jericoacoara. With our expert guidance, you’ll gain valuable experience in downwinders and improve your technique.

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about packing and unpacking every day, which gives you more time to focus on your kite sessions during the day and unwind in the evening. Immerse yourself in the Brazilian lifestyle and soak in the breathtaking sunsets. You’ll leave with unforgettable memories and a newfound passion for kiteboarding.


The kite spots & downwinders

The northeast of Brazil is known for its reliable winds, from July to January the wind blows daily between 20 and 30 knots on the coast. Here you really don’t have to wonder whether it will be windy the next day, just what size kite you will be sailing with. Along with its elongated pristine beaches, this region is the ultimate destination for a downwind kite camp.

The first days our kite instructors will teach you how to make downwind turns, improve your kite/board control and how to do a self-rescue. During the downwinders they will further coach and guide you on the water and learn how to sail sideways, ride wave and make a down loop.

We will get you warmed up in Cumbuco for the rest of the trip by kiting at low tide directly at the beach of our pousada and beginning with some short downwinders. Depending on the group’s level, we can extend them. On Monday, we will relocate to Jericoacoara, where we will make longer downwinders.

The main beach in Jericoacoara is reserved for beachgoers, windsurfers, and surfers. For kitesurfing, we need to move further down the coast. With our Buggys, we will travel upwind to Prea, south of Jeri. At low tide, the water here is shallow and provides smooth to slightly choppy water conditions. As the tide rises, epic kickers and waves appear. The wind consistently comes cross or cross-onshore from the east, making the whole coastal strip from Prea to Jeri suitable for downwinders with no obstacles except for some fishing boats.

After 2 day’s kiting at Prea and going downwind to Jeri, we head west of Jeri to Guriú or Tatajuba. First we will go downwind to Lagoa de Guriú where you will find the pros practising in this perfectly flat lagoon. Our next downwinder is to Tatajuba which also has a flat-water lagoon. At the end of our downwinders we will drive back to Jeri with our Buggy’s via flourishing mangroves to enjoy the sunset and a delicious meal.

To join this downwind kite camp, you should have an intermediate to advanced kite level, capable of kiting independently and sailing upwind. While prior downwinder experience is not required, it is always beneficial. If you require private lessons or want to learn specific skills or tricks, please inform us beforehand so that we may schedule them for you during the trip.

Home base Cumbuco & Jericoacoara

As home base for this kite camp, we have chosen the 2 most popular kite destinations of the northeast of Brazil for you; Cumbuco & Jericoacoara. Here we stay in two lovely pousadas that are the perfect starting point for our downwinders. The first 3 nights we will stay in Cumbuco on Monday we have a transfer to Jericoacoara where we will stay for the5 nights and from where we we organize our downwinders from to Prea, Guriú & Tatajuba.


At a 45-minute drive from Fortaleza airport is the fishing village of Cumbuco with THE perfect kitesurfing conditions. As in most Brazilian villages, the small and cozy center of Cumbuco is located around the main square. In recent years Cumbuco has become a popular holiday destination for both Brazilians and foreign tourists.

Our pousada in Cumbuco is located 50 meters from one of the most popular stretches of beach in Cumbuco. The pousada has a long, expansive swimming pool where you can take a wonderfully refreshing morning dip or walk outside for a dip in the sea.


In 1994, the coast of this village was named one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world and that is certainly in place! Jeri is a real paradise, surrounded by sand dunes and only sandy paths as common roads. The people are friendly and you can see that everything is built with a lot of love. From the adjacent sand dunes you can enjoy a beautiful sunset,

In Jericoacoara we have selected a wonderfully centrally located pousada for you. In the garden of this charming pousada are several fruit trees and shrubs, where you can see the hummingbirds drinking their nectar. The rooms have been furnished with a lot of love and attention and have an outdoor shower. You walk from the pousada to the idyllic beach of Praia da Malhada via a dune path, where you can take a wonderful dip in the waves in the morning.

Get acquainted with the Brazilian lifestyle

Both in Cumbuco and Jericoacoara there are highly regarded restaurants, we will take you to the best and most fun ones to enjoy a delicious dinner. After dinner you can dance and have a drink with the various bands that perform at the streets. In Jericoacoara, where we will be staying the longest, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Brazilian lifestyle and learn various South American dance styles such as Salsa, Samba, Tango, or Forró. dditionally, you can enroll in a Capoeira course or join a lively party. However, make sure to get enough rest for your next downwind adventure the following day… 😉

Day 1: Arrival Cumbuco
Day 2: Kite at praia de Cumbuco

Day 3: Downwind praia de Cumbuco > Lagoa do Cauipe Cumbuco

Day 4: Kite Cumbuco + transfer Jericoacoara
Day 5: Kite at Praia do preá + Downwinder Prea >Jeri

Day 6: Downwind Jeri > Guriú
Day 7: Kite at Praia do preá + Downwinder Prea >Jeri

Day 8: Downwind Jeri >Tatajuba
Day 9: End of kite camp in Jeri

Downwind kite camp €895,- includes:

  • Group airport transfer Fortaleza > hotel in Cumbuco
  • 8 nights stay in a 2 or 3 person room in top class pousadas
  • Cumbuco (3 nights)  & Jericoacoara (5 nights)
  • Daily a healthy & extensive breakfast
  • Group transfer Cumbuco to Jeri on Monday
  • Transfers with buggies for downwinders
  • Coaching during the whole trip
  • Kitesurf guides in the water at all moments
  • Linen & towels supplied
  • Free Wi-Fi

What’s not included

  • Flight to Fortaleza
  • Lunch & dinner
  • Further personal expenses
  • Transfer Jericoacoara back to Cumbuco or Fortaleza (price at request)

Optional to book:

  • Private room +/- €45,- per day (when available)
  • Extra night Cumbuco +/- € 55,-
  • Private airport transfer Fortaleza > Cumbuco +/- €45,-
Downwinder Brazil
Downwind Brasil Tranquil
Downwinder Brazil villa prea
Praia do Prea
Downwind Brasil
Downwind Brasil

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November 12, 2019

A big thanks for the beautiful kite roadtrip!😻

December 8, 2019

Thank you for your great company, the humor and the beautiful unforgettable holiday! 😘

December 8, 2019

Thanks everyone! I really had a great time and many beautiful moments. Just what I needed!! Looking back with a lot of good memories of this amazing trip.

April 29, 2020

The kite camps are amazing. With Cocokitetravel you will visit the most beautiful destinations in a laid-back atmosphere and go on the coolest excursions. The group leader organizes everything very well and knows like no other how to please his guests and make them feel at ease/home. So for an unforgettable kite holiday I can recommend Cocokitetravel wholeheartedly..

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